Bangkok Airport to Silom for less than 100 Baht

Inside Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport
My first task for Bangkok Challenge 2012 (details here) is to go to Silom Area from Suvarnabhumi airport for less than 100 Baht. Here are the usual mode of transportation for this route, and the corresponding costs (in Baht):

Via Taxi = 400 - 600 (depending on traffic conditions) plus toll fees

Airport Rail Link = 90 (until Phya Thai Station) + 30 (SkyTrain Phya Thai to Silom)

So am I successful?

Yes, I was able to go to Silom from the airport for only 65 Baht.

Here's how:

1. Upon exiting immigration and customs, go to Level 1 of the Terminal.
2. Exit on Level 1, and head to your right. On the far end, there is the bus stop for the airport shuttle.
3. Take the airport shuttle (FREE) up to the Airport Ground Transport Terminal. This is a short ride but it might take up to 15 minutes since the bus will also stop in other areas of the airport (e.g. cargo, etc.).
4. At the Ground Transport Terminal, look for the Mini-bus (a van actually) that would go to Victory Monument. Cost is 40 baht. Travel time is around an hour depending on traffic.
5. In Victory Monument, ride the BTS SkyTrain up to Sala Daeng Station. Cost is 25 Baht and would take approximately 15 - 20 minutes.

Total cost: 65 baht

If this is your first time to visit Bangkok, don't forget to ask for your FREE copy of Bangkok Map. You can ask for this at the airport (Tourist Counter), or at the Ground Transport Terminal. You can also get a copy of the train system map in most of the train stations (unless a particular station run out of their FREE copies, which is rare.)

Note that this route is ideal if you are travelling with a single backpack or small suitcases. I wouldn't advise this for those with multiple bags or a very large suitcase. The train would be best for you, or if you can afford it, a taxi ride would be best.

Good thing in Bangkok (unlike in Manila), large backpacks and suitcases are allowed in all train systems (SkyTrain and Metro Subway). You maybe subjected to random luggage checks.


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