Pros of Traveling Alone 1

Taking a photo of yourself taking a photo is a challenge when traveling along
Surely, we enjoy the company of friends when we travel. But when in a situation where we find ourselves alone, there's no reason to feel bad and miss out on the best that a place has to offer.

Here are some reasons why traveling alone is good, sometimes better:

1. You get to choose where to go. No conflict of interest nor any compromises to make. You won't enter a tourist spot and wonder why you are there when you want to be somewhere else. Perhaps the Butterfly Farm of Puerto Princesa is not for you, and you'd rather be exploring the karst forest and the underground river. Or perhaps you're more interested in spending your day exploring Iwahig Penal Colony than socializing with the mainstay of the crocodile farm, as there are already plenty of them in Congress. This is especially problematic if you have limited time to explore a place that offers a lot of exciting options.

2. You get to choose when to go. No more waiting for your friend who woke up late. No more waiting for the girlfriend who took 2 hours to shower. No more waiting for that office mate who took more than an hour to eat his breakfast - never mind that it's just a piece of pancake. If you want to leave early, the decision is solely yours to make. If you woke up late, no one will frown at you.

3. You get to choose where to eat. Have you ever experienced traveling with someone who insisted that you try this fancy restaurant, despite that fact that this trip was planned to be a budget trip? Or perhaps, you had the opportunity to travel with someone who insists you go to this resto for your dinner as they offer eat-all-you-can meals for 99 pesos (Greenhills in Davao), despite the fact that you had your lunch and dinner there yesterday, and your lunch today as well.

4. You get to choose when to eat. Ever had the opportunity of traveling where you enter a restaurant every hour? That is because half of the group wasn't hungry yet when you had your breakfast so they want to eat when you are still about to digest your breakfast. When traveling alone, no need to argue whether to have breakfast and lunch or simply have brunch.

5. You get to meet new friends. When I went to try white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro, each raft can hold up to 8 people with 5 as minimum. Since I was alone, I have to join a group of 5 people from Holcim. Clearly, after bracing 21 rapids and 4 flips, those guys were stranger no more.

Watch out for part 2 of Pros of Traveling alone. I will also be posting the Cons soon, and some ways to overcome them. Contact me for comments or suggestions.

Thank you for reading and see you again soon.


the spunky wanderer said...

hi! i'm glad i found your blog.

anyway, since you've traveled alone alot, can i ask you a question? i also want to travel by myself. where is the BEST place for a first-time female solo traveler to go? any suggestions?

hope you can help me. thank you.

Anonymous said...

as for me I start traveling on my own when my hubby left on board to a cruise ship, so now, places I been to also..kay mi lang mag isa. ;D Funny but true.

Last Row Traveler said...

Hi Annecy!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I know this reply is so late, but I'm gonna answer anyway.

If you're looking for the best spot so solo female traveler here in the Philippines, I would recommend Palawan, specifically the Puerto Princesa to El Nido route.

If you want foreign, a Southeast Asia trip would be recommended, especially the Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand route :)

Happy travels!

Last Row Traveler said...

Hi Chuvie, thanks for dropping by. Yup, being alone shouldn't stop us from traveling. Happy travels!

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